A new window seat

Custom Window SeatThis window seat was a custom job that I completed in the spring.  Yes, I am only now getting around to posting the photo and describing it!  Life gets busy from time to time and my online updates are usually the first thing to go (besides dusting).  I met my new customer at the Lindsay Lifestyle Show  which was held in April at the Lindsay Fairgrounds.  A lovely lady who asked for this very large trapezoidal seat to be constructed for her daughter so she would not have to make it!  There is a zipper in back for easy removal and cleaning, as well as piping on top and bottom edges.  Then it was decided there needed to be pillows for the kids.

Since that time I have made her two kimonos drafted off an existing one which was falling apart.  Photos of those will follow if she lets me put them on here!

Now I must get back to my Balsam Lake project – 4 roman shades done, and only 13 to go !  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “A new window seat

  1. 13..omg..glad it is not me..lol. It is hard making the same thing over and over. I am sure they will be amazing!!

    Nice looking window seat. Nice to know the show worked out so well for you.

    Keep well and sewing..Judi B.

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